About Anthea

Anthea is one of those DJ’s who is the epitome of what todays musical landscape should be. With a world full of “anyone can be a DJ” mentalities, Anthea is a breath of fresh air – A multi-layered and passionate Techno fanatic and all round music lover.

She flits between dark, brooding Techno and driving, dancefloor arresting minimal with a supreme “story-telling” ability, a musical expression of what Anthea is trying to say.

At face-value Anthea embodies elegance and confidently carries the flag, the perfect juxtaposition to her deep, throbbing music. A humble person who understands that with the ever-changing music scene, one must be judged on their passion and the ability to make a set or song flow effortlessly and sublimely.

Its not difficult to see that with her immense talent, high emphasis on technical skill and open, warm nature, she has risen effortlessly through the ranks of electronic music culture, having played Africas most prestigious shows such as headlining both Kenya and Cape Town’s  Earthdance,  The Synergy Outdoor Festival and H20, as well as regular openings for Goldfish and Killer Robot

The world is fast becoming Anthea’s playground, and we’re all the better for it.

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