About Crosby

Crosby AKA Digi-Analog was born in Cape Town into a musical family and grew up in a township called Gugulethu that is known for its superb artistic vibrations.

A multi-talented artist and producer, whose songs are based on social commentary and is the perfect parralel,  drawing inspiration from the early Reggae movement of the 80′s and 90′s and the new school of Emcees, pushing a fresh, current new sound influenced by the exciting and swelling Dubstep takeover.

His Career began in 1995, and despite a relatively poor background, Crosby quickly became an incredibly energetic and positive South African artist. He spends almost all of his time making or performing music. Through his lyrics and action, Crosby has been a great inspiration to a lot of ghetto youth.

Over the past ten years, Crosby has been making great leaps in hip hop and reggae and performed around the world. His original and fresh voice as well as his positive energy have taken him to perform at numerous festivals and parties around South Africa, as well as having toured Europe on three occasions.



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