About Krushed & Sorted

Described by its members as “100% original stolen material”

Krushed & Sorted is collectively made up of Fletcher, Mr. Sakitumi and VJGrrrl. They are an audio visual explosion of the senses. A fully integrated journey into the minds of some of South Africa’s most cutting edge electronic minds. Always incredibly well thought out and practiced, whilst still being able to juggle a live aesthetic that is spontaneous and liquid.

Krushed & Sorted sets are the perfect juxtaposition between subtlety and in your face, crass, booty shakers. A tapestry is brought to life by the awesome musicality of each of its members.

Mr. Sakitumi is a musical wizard, floating effortlessly between elastic, live basslines and tight drum-playing that fill the space perfectly. He quite easily moves onto a plethora of samplers and drum-machines to give a completely new direction and sound at certain intervals.

Fletcher is the epitome of the culture of being a “selekta”. He knows exactly what to play when, and runs cut up pieces of music off his laptop at exactly the right time. For the Krushed & Sorted shows, Fletcher is the glue holding everything together.

VJ Grrrl always delivers a potent visual assault of cleverly chosen film slices and custom made clips from her extensive library. She is the missing puzzle piece that makes up the full picture of an experience that is infectiously moving, physically and emotionally.



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