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Many words and phrases have been used concerning Drum and Bass wizz kid Niskerone – all of them well earned, concrete-forged and 100% true but at the same time, to try and put phrases onto the intangible and immaculate DJ persona that Mitchell’s Plain native Mark Stevens has conjured is an exercise in futility.

One can only begin by listing the fact that Niskerone, along with counterparts Hyphen, SFR, counterstrike and a pocketful more, are single handedly holding together the Drum and Bass scene in South Africa, with Niskerone being the driving force – spearheading and headlining every party.

In 2006, paying homage to those that had come before, Niskerone was offered the opportunity to take his dream to the masses, his love for Drum and Bass transcended anything else that was going on at the time and he began the ball rolling on the DnB juggernaut of a night “It Came from the Jungle” – a weekly foray into every side of the genre, from the more deep intricate liquid side of things to the dance-floor inferno grinders.

As the night gained in force, so too did the DJ at its helm.

These days Niskerone is one of the gate keepers of the genre, constantly innovating, and solidifying his stake in the music he always had the greatest passion and respect for.

Having played alongside greats such as Pendulum, Drumsound, Nympho and Raiden during their South African tours, and having himself toured Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain and Sweden – rocking the European massive down to the ground, Niskerone holds residencies in 3 cities across S.A and has played every major outdoor festival including RAMfest, Synergy and Rezonance, there is no sign of Niskerone going anywhere but further up the ranks of musical royalty.

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