About O’ltak

O’ltak arrived bushy tailed and bright eyed at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town at the beginning of 2010. He was armed with an arsenal of glitched-out, raw beats in the vein of Flying Lotus and Samiyam – the west coast Hip-Hop which had inspired him most. His taste was already eclectic and meshing together sounds from all over the genre spectrum. O’ltak was the model for the phrase “a diamond in the rough”.

Given the opportunity to perform at the Red Bull Studios began to give O’ltak an opportunity to widen his horizons and earn his mettle even more.

He was introduced to a plethora of artists who would help him develop into the musical maestro he has become. His live show is a grit-laden journey full of mood and atmosphere. He melts together a perfect blend of dance-floor friendly head boppers and introspective melodies, which crescendo and flow perfectly.

O’ltak has since played a host of shows in different sized venues and to a multitude of audiences who all respond the same way, smiling and welcoming of O’ltak’s unique style and great energy he delivers during all of his live sets.

His inclusion into many of the top Music Festival is a milestone and testament to a career that is rising steadily and progressively climbing to great heights.


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