About P.H.Fat

Narch, Mike Zietsman and Disco Izrael are all accomplished solo artists in their own right, but the phrase “strength in numbers” pertains perfectly to the winning formula that is P.H. Fat.

A concoction of two of the sharpest emcees around in Mike and Disco, whose subject matter is rivaled by none – a quirky, current point of reference that is as true and poignant as it is comical and futuristic meshed with the thick blanket of masterful electronic rumble and blips conjured by super-producer Narch is what makes P.H. Fat tick.

It seems as if there is no set formula to P.H Fat, with surprisingly different aspects in every tune, the only constant, it can be said, which ties them together is that they absolutely rock a party.

Narch is a digital wizard, exploiting his live and recording set ups to the furthest reaches of their capabilities.
Mike and Disco are seemingly joined at the brain, a great synergy of such different styles and their interaction with one another and their crowd elevates any line-up, and these days it seems like the kids are singing along endlessly.

The hard-working and prolific nature of the trio only suggest at the what the future might look like, and what a bubbly high energetic future they paint.

P.H.Fat is managed by Apollo Artist Agency

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