Originally started as an electronic rap outfit, BTEAM are the the power-house production/DJ duo of JakobSnake and Plaigarhythm. They always had a cohesive and single minded vision, to bring quality music to the public and have the technical ability to match their incredibly high self expectations – no matter what genre and what format.

Their love for house and techno music had continued growing steadily, and spawned the insatiable need to DJ these sounds to people.

Flash-forward to today and they are absolute dance-floor assassins, rooted in Techno and Minimal, they are taking over South Africa with their special brand of “electro” dubbed Maximal or Grindhouse.

Harking back to the “glory days” of house music, these boys pay tribute with their synth laden breakdowns and classic remixes, building to a grinding, body shaking bass experience that rocks any crowd to its tip-toes and leaves them suspended and screaming.

BTEAM have supported many international heavyweights, and have played every major outdoor festival in Cape Town and steal the show weekly at their numerous DJ sets around the country.

A swift “brick in the face” attitude to live shows, slathered lovingly with enthusiasm and history, BTEAM constantly pays homage to their admiration for music in all its forms, and their sense of oneness with a crowd is unrivaled.

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