About Blush n Bass

Collectively Blush n Bass is made up of the un-stoppable duo of Candice Heyns and Miss Pickett.

They bring a tasteful, sexy, all music experience that has seen them rock numerous electro nightclubs, provide the perfect ambient back-ground music for many a lounge event and leave crowds literally screaming along with vigor to their anthemic indie sets.

Now it has to be said, that a lot of female acts bring a great touch of femininity and finesse to their sets and this is definitely true with Blush n Bass, but it has to also be said that these girls can show up and shake down any male electro/indie DJ to his boots, and this relates with pure power to every dance floor.

Not settling for only the “bangers” Blush n Bass have played the premiere pick of Cape Town’s Nightclubs, Bars and lounges.

This duo is always up for any challenge and are amassing a huge fan base everyday just by doing what they do.


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