About Card on Spokes

Card On Spokes is the solo electronica/hip hop/afrikaanstrumental project of musician and producer Shane Cooper.

He is best known as the bassist in bands like Babu and Closet Snare, while his Card On Spokes project sees him mixing bass, synths, samples and beats that make your head bounce.

As much a musician as a live performance artist, Card On Spokes understands the need for for high entertainment presence in his shows, and incorporates the seamless blend of live looping sampling and instrumentation to attract and keep a crowd captivating during his shows.

Holding court as a musical chameleon of sorts, he is a classically trained genre master with true musicianship seeping through every pore of his compositions.

Card On SpokesĀ  is steadily garnering a die hard fan base, and coupled with his unique take on Electronica with a strong local flavour, is definitely one of the rising stars in the cutting edge musical landscape.



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