About Dank

Dank is a man on a mission. The mission not only to collect as much gear as heavenly possible but also to take over every dance-floor possible.

His infectious, squeltchy Glitch-hop bass lines and neck-break beats are are always bangingly loud and penetrate through your body.

Bordering on funky at times, Dank completely enhabits every room or festivals that he plays at. One cannot stop but jump around when he plays.

His side projects include: Sedge Warbler, Dankliver, and a short stint as a member of Mix n blend, and each musical endevour he undertakes, seems to undeniably turn to gold

With international signings, remixes for the the likes of Glitch Mob and Mix n Blend and many more, Dank’s going to keep bringing you only the bassiest jams around.


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