About Funafuji

Funafuji has been hailed by many as the “queen” of Dubstep in South Africa. She has lovingly and consistently nurtured a genre which, up until a year or two ago, was confined to obscure showcases and an incredibly passionate, albeit miniscule following, and grown it to today’s almost blanket understanding and appreciation. Heralding Dubstep into the spotlight of Cape Town’s bustling nightlife.

A huge motivating factor and co-founder of the now iconic “Step Up” nights hosted at Fiction, there are very few line-ups and DJ slots that Funafuji won’t be a pure asset to.

Heavily rooted in the more Dub influenced jams, British Native Safiyya Bryce is among the elite DJ’s spinning a sound which is being crafted to perfection. Her Eclectic style lends a greatly needed woman’s touch to a DJ set which ebbs and flows between aggressive jump up rinsers and soulful cinematic subtlety, dropping in tributes to her dancehall influence and hip-hop background.

Funafuji provides the ultimate representation to the sound of the future and passionate carrier of the brightly burning torch that is Dubstep

Funafuji Style