About Honey B


Tasteful at the worst of times, Honey B has been one of South Africa’s premier DJ’s for many years now.

She is instrumental in spreading and growing Cape Town’s Electronic Music scene, as one of the iconic African Dope Records founding members.

Honey B’s ear is perfectly tuned to a style that is a cut above the rest,  a tastemaker of the highest order, whose sets have always been focused on fun, quality driven music that is timeless and carefree.

She is a supreme crafter of mood-based music and the outcome is a hip-swinging bonanza.

Her nurturing of South Africa’s talent has been absolutely crucial in building and innovating the sound of each artist she has taken under African Dope’s wings, and has led to the breaking of artists such as  Mix n Blend and Jam Jarr.

The perfect blend of business and musically minded, her pure sonic prowess is incomparable to any one else in the scene, and Honey B will be around and making our ears and hearts happy for many years to come.

Honey B Style