About Kennedy

As a DJ, Kennedy has always taken the constructive approach to becoming a constant and successful fixture, he started slow and steady. He began DJing at smaller venues around CPT and gradually rose his way through the ranks. In his short time on the scene, Kennedy has amassed a slew of DJ sets that present an impressive and eclectic resume as a DJ, and his satisfied audience is always a testament to this.

His style is has constantly adapted to the change of genres over-time, and Kennedy has developed a dynamic style that caters to a variety of crowds, with a one paramount ideal still intact – He loves playing music and loves to make crowds have a great time.

As a dominant figure at highly revered and sought after club gigs, and Cape Town’s biggest outdoor festivals alike, Kennedy has played alongside some of the biggest DJs in the industry.

His career extends further than merely DJing, and Kennedy is deeply entrenched in the Cape Town electronic music scene, involving himself in his full capacities as a event organiser and club promoter, playing host to plethora of local and international guest with great hospitality.

Having co-founded development events such as Brick City movement, a concept to further aid exposure of up-and-coming DJs, His involvement in Dontparty.co.za, He also was a key figure in ARCADE events and bringing you the electronic stage at Synergy Live Festivals for the last three years running.

Kennedy is a fantastic example of the lengths one will go to elevate and sustain a musical career and ensure the longevity of a scene in a place like Cape Town for many years to come.


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