About Kriger

Kriger had been collecting music for over six years prior to starting DJing in 2006. His interests vary from Jazz to modern electronica.

Although the turning point had been earlier, after listening to Derrick May’s mayday mix, he tried his hand at playing different music styles. It was almost like a journey of discovery, the discovery of his deep love for techno. To see him at his best, find him blending his own unique flavours of techno. A typical Kriger set will see him moving effortlessly from Adam Bayer to Cobblestone Jazz, fusing in some elements of Detroit and Berlin.

He has played at underground venues like Fiction, Kitchener’s Carvery etc and has a unique way of communicating with the dancefloor.

His demeanor and permanent  smile, allows him to send positive vibes throughout.


Kriger Style