About Soulo Starr

DJ Soulo Starr or Soulo the Beat Fanatic – no matter what guise the Multi-talented Lucky Ntuli is under, there is no denying the veracious appetite of this beat fanatic and crate digging connoisseur.

A taste-maker and all-round information hunter, Soulo is always on the look out for sounds that range anywhere from Rare Disco Edits and Raw Funk, to straight up Boom-Bap hip hop and Deep Cosmic Soul. A musical chameleon that can mold into any mood, whether its sliding tunes in the back round or slotting them right up front on the dance floor.

As Soulo Starr, He began his DJ career in the early 00′s and rose relentlessly – gig after gig – to hold court as one of the most sought after and respected Beat fanatic and electronic music community members in Cape Town.

As much a turntablist as a DJ, he always flexes his widespread  talent and seemingly endless knowledge of music – his continuous hunt for new tunes, old classics and rarities alike, makes it’s impossible not to enjoy a Soulo Starr set.

Out of Soulo’s obsessive love for quality music, he began tinkering with his own sound on a production level, the action that has spawned his twin-persona – Soulo the Beat Fanatic.

To start naming particular influences would take a lifetime – but with his sound being compared to that of Suff Daddy and Flying Lotus and harking back to the glory days of 90′s Westcoast Hip-Hop, one begins to pick up on the fact that Soulo’s style is all his own and progressing daily.

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