About Spitmunky

Electronic Hip Hop royalty Spitmunky are the potent trio of Creamy Ewok Baggends, Veranda_panda and Benson 3000.

The Durban natives are masters of meshing live samplers, Emceeing, Machines and keyboards, creating a very locally inspired, big festival, crowd-rocking show – full of lyrically driven, glitchy Rap songs.

The Spitmunky collaborative are no strangers to the Durban and SA entertainment scene.

Fresh off the block and ready to pop, these boys have created a hybrid of rock, hip hop and electronic music that’s set to cut dancefloors up into pieces.

Veranda_panda and Benson 3000 are masters of their machines, always bringing a live experience and spontaneous vibe to their shows – full of synths and samplers and drum machines. All this sets the stage allowing the lyrical mastery of Ewok to work its magic.

A true poet and spoken word artist, he perfectly paints a picture with his supreme story telling ability arresting a crowd or listener and dropping them directly into his masterpiece.

The Spitmunky crew are well versed in the ultimate live experience, and come at an audience with absolute conviction and mayhem.


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