About T-Minus

A Minimal and Techno purist, T-Minus is a DJ driven by creative and technological inspirations. Playing for over ten years, his style and sound has evolved from his early days playing Trance and Progressive house in Switzerland & the UK and has ushered in his firm interest for a sound that is more Minimal and Techno inspired.

A frequent guest at Killer Robot, South Africa’s longest running Techno night and supporting international acts both here and abroad, as well as hosting his own nights, T-minus knows his way around the palette of tunes that sets him a part from most in his peer group.

From delicate and elegantly composed, more cerebral Minimal to lifted and driven Techno with rolling bass-lines and epic breakdowns, T-minus will take any bystander and avid listener on a musical rollercoaster.

Taking inspiration from DJ’s and producers such as Plastikman, Magda and Adam Beyer to name a few, and combining it with his love for technology, T-Minus loves to build and craft his sets. From his early days on Vinyl, he moved to what he believes is the next platform – digital. Using Traktor Scratch Pro, with a myriad of midi controllers he has gained the flexibility to layer, mix and tweak multiple tracks into something familiar, something new and always very unique.

T-Minus is now in a new collaboration with one of South Africa’s finest female DJ’s, Monique Pascall, to bring a new audible and visual electronic experience to South Africa’s Dancefloors.


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