About Unsound System

Damian Armstrong (Offbeat) and Greg Bowes (Dexterity) gained local fame hosting Unsound System every Saturday night at Fuel Café in Johannesburg from 2006 – 2008.  At the time it was the only weekly underground event in Jozi, and helped kickstart and cultivate a scene that had always been running subversively in the back ground of Johannesburg culture.

Playing a wide mix of music from minimal, electro, techno, deep house and out house to punk funk, synth pop, 80’s they were instrumental in opening up Johannesburg’s ears to new sounds, and placed a massive emphasis on keeping it fresh and keeping the quality up.

They’ve played notable outdoor festivals including Essence at Rustlers Valley (alongside Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area), OppiKoppi 13 and The Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi (alongside Ben Westbeech and Annie Mac).

At Unsound System they hosted internationals like DJ Naughty, Sepalot,  Phat Phil Cooper, Rob Summerhayes, Melanie Kyrklund and Tiger Phong as well as loads of South African artists like Felix Laband, Sibot, Humanizer, MTKidu, Johnny Neon, Suplex and DJs like Kid Fonque, Pierre-Estienne, Redwood, Phat Jack, Killer Robot, Digital Rockit, Richard Tha Third, Blunted Stuntman, Kriger and host of others.

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