About dj low

By now dj low really shouldn’t need an introduction of any kind. From representing African Dope since its inception to co-founding sSHADOWORKSs

Having played every conceivable kind of event, genre and DJ set from Reggae & Dub to Glitch & IDM, this is one selekta that can blend in anywhere with supreme prowess.

dj low has perfectly honed the stealth like ability to whip almost anything out of the bag and mix it in seamlessly in his sets, he takes the art of djing to another level.

His flawless technique encompasses various sonic gadgets to sample, edit and manipulate vinyl, slathered lovingly over continuous rumbling drums.

dj low combines his dexterity on a Kaoss Pad and all manner of samplers with flawless mixing, stalls, rolls, and glitches to create a unique soundscape and awe-inspiring live performance.

dj low Style