About Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl

Live stage performer and producer, MR SAKITUMI has been instrumentally aligned with the electronic music scene in South Africa for nearly 2 decades. Alongside long-time collaborator and partner-in-time, The Grrrl, the two create a fusion of beats and visual treats.

After being members of numerous influential South African acts such as Max Normal, Lark, Closet Snare and others, along with performances in Goldfish, Freshly Ground, EJ von Lyrik, Gazelle, Krush & Sorted and many more – it is evident that MR SAKITUMI and The Grrrl are an ingenious musical partnership the likes of which are few and far between in the world of electronic music.

Mixing wildly apt visuals of The Grrrl with the live looping of drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, sampler or scratching of this musical phenomenon is a multi-instrumental extravaganza, whose stage antics reflects quirkiness and a dash of seriousness and ensures an audio/visual feast of the senses.

Side by side, they form two thirds of Krushed & Sorted and one third of Closet Snare having, and as a pair have recently performed at PITCH festival 2011 (Amsterdam) alongside artists like The Gaslamp Killer, Cut Chemist, Flying Lotus and Dorian Concept.

Mr. Sakitumi released his debut album, SECRET ASIAN MAN, in June 2011, and the pair have since then lovingly and humorously conquered every stage and gig put before them.



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